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NEOCON 2024 Message

Dear Fellow Colleague’s,

Greetings from Mamallapuram!

NEOCONIt is our great pleasure to extend a warm invitation to you for the 43rd Annual Convention of the National Neonatology Forum “NEOCON 2024”, which will be held on December 6th- 8th, 2024 at Kaldan Samudhra Palace, Mamallapuram Tamilnadu, which is set to be a hallmark event in the field of neonatology forum.

This convention serves as a premier platform for neonatologists, pediatricians, healthcare professionals, and researchers to come together, share insights, and engage in discussions that drive advancements in neonatal care.

The convention will feature distinguished speakers, expert panels, and interactive sessions covering a spectrum of topics relevant to neonatology & new-born. From the latest research findings to best practices in clinical care, the agenda promises to be both enriching and informative.

Apart from the insightful sessions, the convention provides ample opportunities for networking and collaboration with professionals from various corners of the neonatology community.

We are confident that your presence will contribute significantly to the success of the convention, fostering knowledge exchange and professional relationships within the neonatology community.

Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram, is a small city in Tamil Nadu that is famous for its UNESCO World Heritage site of 7th and 8th-century monuments. It is just a one-hour drive from Chennai, a major cosmopolitan city in South India. December offers fine weather and is suitable for tourist activities.

As the organizers, we extend a warm invitation to you to join us for this academic feast and social interaction, with ample time to enjoy the history and beauty of the historic Mamallapuram and its surroundings.

Thank you for considering our invitation. We eagerly anticipate your presence at the 43rd Annual Convention of the National Neonatology Forum.


Dr. A. T. Arasar Seeralar
Organizing Chairman

Dr. S Srinivasan
Organizing Secretary

Dr. Vaideeswaran
Organizing Treasurer

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